Daniel's body 'will be found'

KEVIN and Monique Beavis know they will never see their grandson Daniel again.

But Kevin says he is determined that Daniel’s body will be found to put the mystery about what happened almost seven years ago to rest.

“I will go to my grave saying that.”

Denise Morcombe’s parents were the first through a football-style banner for child safety as the Walk for Daniel began at 7am from Suncoast Christian College’s carpark yesterday.

The Melbourne couple, who come up each year for the Day for Daniel, were blown away by the support for the family on the Sunshine Coast.

“Daniel will never, ever be forgotten on the Sunshine Coast,” Kevin, dressed in a bright red jacket, said.

“The support from the community here is absolutely amazing.

“It’s just getting bigger and bigger every year.

“It gives such strength to Bruce and Denise and Brad and Dean.”

The couple said they were incredibly proud of the work that Bruce and Denise had been doing around Australia in promoting child safety in schools.

“They wake very early and go to bed very late.

“They have dedicated their whole lives to child safety so that Daniel’s death will not be in vain.”

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