Danni Minogue
Danni Minogue

Dannii Minogue has a worm farm because her pets die

DANNII Minogue has revealed she started a worm farm because she isn't at home enough to keep any other pets alive.

The Australian star decided to take up the unconventional hobby of vermicomposting when she realised the wriggly creatures were the only pets she could keep alive because of her busy schedule.

The singer-and-presenter has teamed up with eBay to handpick items from the global commerce site to create her own custom-made list of her favourite things, and she confessed to using their brand new features including Collections, Follow and eBay Today to browse items that will keep her beloved worms healthy and happy.

Speaking at the eBay launch in London today (06.03.14), Dannii joked: "You're exposing stuff that you're into that people don't know. I was telling Reggie [Yates] earlier that I have worms.

"I have a worm farm. Other pets I can't take care of because I'm travelling between London and Melbourne. But that's the kind of thing I have on there ... I've also got clothes and shoes, I've got homeware. I like to find vintage stuff."

Dannii - who has a three-year-old son, Ethan, with former partner Kris Smith - claims the new personalised shopping experience, which allows you to follow other people's Collections and suggests must-see lists, has revolutionised her life because she is usually too impatient to hit the shops.

The 'X Factor' Australia judge said: "I don't really like to shop. I have a short attention span. To make collections is kind of a window into other people's souls. Clothes shopping for me, I'm lucky enough where a stylist will come in with an edited rack and I'll go, great - I'll take that that and that home. It's somebody else's job."

Dannii was joined by Blur rocker and cheese-maker Alex James, interior designer Kelly Hoppen and TV presenter Reggie Yates at the launch event, and father-of-five Alex joked that all his Collections feature a heavy dose of wellington boots, waterproofs and wet wipes.

He quipped: "I was thinking of it as a garden, I keep adding new elements to it. It's quite compulsive. It's sort of a widow to your soul shopping, it tells people everything about you ...

"All my collections feature wet wipes! It has everything from a tent to an art book. "

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