Dog breeders jump on new puppy register

MORE than 250 people have signed up to the State Government's dog breeder registry designed to stamp out puppy farming across Queensland.

Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne said more than 2200 people across the state had registered for free in the first week.

Of those, 265 have been from the Darling Downs, making it the third-highest region in Queensland to sign up to the registry.

"I think that shows strong support for the legislation and that overwhelmingly dog owners in our state want to do the right thing," Mr Byrne said.

"We know that the vast majority of dog lovers support the measures and this is a very encouraging start in smashing the business model for unethical and exploitative breeders.

"It shows the message is getting out that to stop cruel puppy farms, everyone from breeder to buyer needs to be doing the right thing."

New legislation requires anyone who breeds a dog to register as a breeder and get a supply number within 28 days of the litter being born.

The supply number must be used when advertising, selling or giving away puppies born from May 26 this year, and the number must be included in the microchip information of the dog.

The number also allows a potential buyer to find information about the breeder.

"The new register will give people and families buying pets the ability to find more information about the pet's background so they know they are buying from a registered breeder," Mr Byrne said.

"The new laws apply to regular and occasional breeders (including backyard litters) - with specific exemptions for some genuine working dogs.

"Implementing compliance with the new laws involves a partnership between local councils, Biosecurity Queensland and the RSPCA Queensland."

Anyone with a dog that has a litter should visit the website  or call 13 25 23 to register, even if it is an accidental litter and they intend to give the dogs away.

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