Impatient drivers takes over learner
Impatient drivers takes over learner

DASH CAM: 6 idiotic Toowoomba drivers caught on video

WITH dash cams becoming more common, it is harder for bad Toowoomba drivers to remain unnoticed.

Motorists have been  caught out some spectacularly stupid incidents on the city roads.

Here are six incidents caught on camera:

1. A DASH cam captured the moment a truck travelling on one of Toowoomba's busiest streets collided with a set of traffic lights.

The hilarious moment happened on the corner of James and Ruthven Sts.

The truck was turning onto Ruthven St when it couldn't quite make it around the bend.

It drove straight into the middle island traffic light three times before realising it wasn't getting through.

The light and pole can be seen wobbling with the weight of the truck behind it.

The truck then reversed and attempted the manoeuvre again, this time just making it past the light.

2. BEING a learner driver is nerve-wracking.

But it can be made worse by impatient drivers speeding past.

It was the driver's second lesson behind the wheel and the learner plates were clearly displayed when the incident took place.

In the video the learner driver is shown heading down a quiet Toowoomba street when a red HSV speeds past.

3. IT WAS a dangerous manoeuvre which could have caused a major road accident.

A car pulled up at the lights at the intersection of Ruthven and Bridge Sts when he made an illegal turn.

The driver of the ute, which was in the left lane, had a sudden change of heart and realised he needed to turn right on to Bridge St.

When the green turning arrow appeared he checked for traffic before pulling in front of another car and turning.

4. MOTORISTS in Toowoomba have long been accused of not being able to use indicators correctly.

Now footage has emerged that proves this is true for one driver.

The hilarious footage, posted to YouTube, shows a motorist heading north on Ruthven St towards James St.

The motorist indicates right before turning the indicators off.

They then indicate left before changing their mind and indicating right again. Then left again, then right.

Finally the motorist continues straight on Ruthven St.

5. A P-PLATE driver was caught on camera narrowly avoiding a potentially fatal situation on the Toowoomba Range.

Toni Brennan's dash cam captured the terrifying moment the Ford sedan cuts on the inside of her 4WD driving up the Toowoomba Range recently.

The clear footage shows Ms Brennan lawfully move into the right lane to overtake a slow-moving truck climbing the Range.

6. A MOTORIST has filmed a car running a red light in Toowoomba and using a bike lane to turn.

The incident took place at the intersection of Russell and Ruthven Sts.

Traffic is seen flowing south on Ruthven St towards The Vault adult night club.

Lights at the intersection turn from green to yellow and the cars begin to slow.

Then the unexpected happens.

A maroon car ducks down the bike lane and turns left.

It makes the manoeuvre despite the light seeming to have already turned red.

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