WHISPERS: Gossip from around Toowoomba and beyond.
WHISPERS: Gossip from around Toowoomba and beyond. tritrix

Defendant brings "chainsaw" into court

GOOD lady magistrate must have thought her sentencing procedures were a touch boring when the unmistakable sound of snoring emanated from the public gallery of a Toowoomba court yesterday.

Her Honour continued on regardless, ignoring the "chainsaw" sounds coming from a 43-year-old man awaiting to appear before her.

However, it became apparent that it wasn't the magistrate who was putting him to sleep because during the morning break, the same man was seen belting out the Zs on a seat in the court foyer.

And, when court resumed shortly after, our man resumed his seat and his snoring until woken and called to the bar table for mention of his matter which was adjourned.

Mr Snooze is facing a charge of possessing a dangerous drug and Whispers wonders if the drug in question might be Temazepam or some other strong sleeping medication.

Taking it literally

THIS is one young lass who certainly listens to her mother.

About to step onto a Toowoomba stage for a dancing performance, mum called to daughter with a traditional theatre saying of encouragement - "Break a leg!"

Well, they say a daughter should always listen to her mother and the young lass dutifully tripped on the stairs leading up to the stage and went over on her ankle.

Doubled over in pain, the initial fear was that she had indeed broken her leg but Whispers is pleased to report that the diagnosis was not as first feared and the budding performer is sporting a severely sprained ankle and should be back tripping the lights fantastic in no time.

On enemy turf?

CHEEKY or a bit rude?

Inner-city cafe owner was chatting with a customer this week when he looked out into the car park to see a mobile food and coffee van pull up.

That in itself wasn't that unusual, it is a car park after all.

However, when the vendor got out of the front seat and walked to the back of the vehicle whereupon the shutters were lifted to declare the van "Open for business", the shop keeper was ready for war.

Fortunately, the visiting business didn't stay long.

Lost cause

LONG-TERM Toowoomba resident decided it was time to explore the new Grand Central Shopping Centre.

After parking his car in the centre's vast car park, he ventured forth to scout the stores.

However, after some time, his legs grew weary and he headed for the car park.

Easier said than done. After wandering floor after floor, he realised he was lost and no closer to finding his vehicle.

On his search he came across many a fellow Baby Boomer similarly confused while looking for their car.

Fortunately, he came across a security officer who directed him to the correct car park.

He has since vowed to stick to the corner store in future.

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