SITTING PRETTY: Steve Dickson seeks another vote at Mountain Creek High School yesterday.
SITTING PRETTY: Steve Dickson seeks another vote at Mountain Creek High School yesterday. Brett Wortman

Dickson defies the state swing in LNP stronghold of Buderim

SPEAKING from a traditional LNP stronghold, Member for Buderim Steve Dickson spoke with trepidation as he awaited the results of last night's election, despite appearing to comfortably hold his seat.

"It's the unknown - I still don't know the outcomes ... I don't think we're going to have an idea who is in government tonight," Mr Dickson said last night.

With nearly 60% of votes counted, Mr Dickson had secured more than 50% of the primary vote and enjoyed a huge margin in the two-party preferred voting.

"There has been a big push back - obviously the people of Queensland have spoken," he said.

Did you expect such a massive statewide swing against the LNP?

This poll ended on 01 February 2016.

Current Results

No. I thought things would stay roughly the same.


No. I thought they'd lose seats but nothing like this.


Yes. There was always going to be a correction.


Yes. The LNP had to go.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

While a number of candidates had tipped a swing against the Minister for Sport and Racing, in line with the prediction LNP members around the state would be swept out, Mr Dickson held firm, his voters standing by the man who secured 62.17% of votes last time around.

"I've never said once, in any election I've contested, that I'm confident. You can't take anything for granted," Mr Dickson said ahead of the count yesterday.

Earlier, other candidates had spoken of their hopes to snare votes off the incumbent, with The Greens' Susan Etheridge speaking of her hopes for a larger slice of first-preference votes.

"I think I'll certainly get a bigger first-preference vote for The Greens than the last election," Ms Etheridge said.

Labor candidate Elaine Hughes said the voter response towards her had been overwhelmingly positive, echoing the sentiment of Palmer United Party candidate Tess Lazarus, who had been taken aback by the warmth of community response towards her campaign.


Primary votes after 59.89% of Buderim roll counted

  •  Elaine Hughes (ALP) 22.63%
  •  Susan Etheridge (The Greens) 12.17%
  •  Tess Lazarus (Palmer United Party) 12.55%
  •  Steve Dickson (LNP) 52.66% (Dickson also led two-party preferred, 61.52% to 38.48%)

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