Dingo attack on Fraser Island

AN EARLY morning stroll along a Fraser Island beach almost turned into tragedy for a Korean tourist yesterday morning when she was attacked by a rogue dingo.

The 41-year-old tourist had ventured onto 75 Mile Beach near Eurong to watch the sunrise with a fellow female tourist.

They had noticed a dingo getting closer to them and had at first ignored it, but they started to get frightened when the lone dingo was joined by four others.

As the pack closed in what was believed to be the alpha male of the group lunged forward and grabbed her forearm.

The woman didn’t panic and lashed out at the dingo forcing it to back off.

It’s understood her friend who was taller joined her to fend off the attack.

A paramedic from Fraser Island was called to treat the woman’s wounds which were described as “bites and scratches”.

The victim’s main worries surrounded if the dingo could have infected her with some sort of foreign virus.

After having her right arm treated and bandaged she rejoined her group on a Sunset Safari tour bus.

The first person she spoke to after the attack described the Korean as being shaken and distraught.

“Thankfully she had listened to the briefing her tour guide gave her when they came onto the island concerning possible attack by a wild dingo,” they said.

“She faced down the dingo and didn’t try and run from the pack, if she had we may have had a serious attack this morning,” the person said.

A Eurong Resort spokesperson said that feeding dingoes leads them to become desensitized to people, they lose their natural weariness and interaction with people can lead to aggression.

“It is also a fact that at certain times of the year dingoes can be aggressive – so it is essential that all visitors coming to Fraser Island know how to act appropriately in the national park,” the spokesperson said.

“Yesterday’s event in the national park is worrying, but absolutely validates the dingo fences that are on Fraser Island. We are also strong supporters of the Dingo Safe public awareness campaign, which touches all visitors to Fraser Island in one way or another.

“In this particular instance the lady involved knew how to behave around dingoes when she was in the national park."

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