SMILES APLENTY: Year 5 students have fun at camp.
SMILES APLENTY: Year 5 students have fun at camp. Contributed

Dinosaurs not yet extinct at St Pat's

Taking care of pets

IN SCIENCE this term, the Prep children have been learning about living and non-living things.

As a part of their studies, the children participated in AVA PetPEP - Australian Veterinary Association's Pets and People Education Program.

This is an interactive program that educates children about safety around animals and responsible pet ownership.

Dr Angela Sutherland and her dog Cooper, from Maraboon Veterinary Surgery, recently visited the Preps and spoke to the children about the important role she plays in caring for animals.

The children were very excited to pretend to be vets by listening to Cooper's heart beat with a stethoscope, applying a bandage to his leg and giving him 'medicine'.

Dr Angela also spoke about how pet owners needed to ensure their pet had preventative treatments to stop them getting sick.

Representatives from Central Highlands Regional Council educated the children on being safe around dogs.

They showed the children ways to approach a dog that they did not know by asking permission from the owner to pat their dog and then getting the dog to smell them first.

The children were reminded that good pet owners should ensure they registered their pet with the Council, got it microchipped and made sure they kept it safe in their yard.

The children really enjoyed their morning learning about being a responsible pet owner and how to be safe around animals.

Dinosaur fun morning

RECENTLY our Year 1 students marked the culmination of their writing unit with a fun dinosaur morning.

Throughout the term they have been using dinosaurs as a stimulus for writing and learning about Information reports.

They have been discovering the components of information reports and have been focusing on using interesting adjectives to describe what dinosaurs look like, what they eat and how they act.

All the Year 1 students wrote an information report about three different dinosaurs which they read to their families, before participating in some fun dinosaur activities.

Our students loved using technology to make dinosaurs come alive in the classroom. They also pretended to be paleontologists and dug for fossils.

We used our scientific skills to build models of dinosaurs and we enjoyed creating fun dinosaur hats.

All our parents and younger siblings enjoyed participating in this day with us.

We also got to end our dinosaur morning with a yummy cupcake treat.

Dinosaur day was a roaring success.

Year 5 camp

LAST week our Year 5 students attended camp at Fairbairn Outdoor Education Centre.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to mix with each other outside of a 'traditional' school setting.

Camp Fairbairn's core business is delivering curriculum based outdoor activities in a residential camp setting.

Their camp philosophy is around building success through teamwork and challenge.

While at camp, the students participated in activities such as navigating, rock climbing, catapults and group challenges.

Each activity had a component of reflection to assist students in building meaning from the activity they were engaged in.

This took the form of an end of session debrief and questioning at critical moments during the activities.

All aspects of camp life presented challenges for students, including the weather, washing and cleaning up the camp kitchen, working as a team and setting up their tents.

For some students, this was their first camping experience.

All the students certainly rose to the challenges that were presented and were extremely proud of their achievements.

The Year 5 students certainly enjoyed their first school camping experience and are looking forward to their Sydney/Canberra trip next year.

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