Dirty water has Oakey stressed and there are no answers

EDITORIAL: The Oakey water contamination issue is becoming more and more serious.

Unfortunately there do not appear to be any answers immediately available.

Certainly it appears Toowoomba Regional Council has a responsibility to deliver clean water to the area.

Council's Kevin Flanagan has assured residents that the water they are drinking now is safe.

His assurances fell on mostly deaf ears yesterday.

Residents are stressed and distraught about the issue.

They fear for their children's health.

Options available to council to provide Oakey with water include relocating the bores for $35 million, duplicating the pipeline which would cost about $7 million and upgrading the water plant for $2 million.

None of the options are cheap but people's health has to take priority.

The quicker the water issue is resolved the better for all concerned.

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