Minister David Crisafulli.
Minister David Crisafulli. Max Fleet

Disaster mitigation program will see flood levee built

MUNDUBBERA'S flood resilience will be greatly improved with an earthen flood levee to be built through the government's multi-million disaster mitigation and resilience funding program.

Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said on Tuesday the floods that struck the North Burnett in 2013 were the largest on record for the region.

"The floods did a great deal of damage in Mundubbera, with an estimated 72 homes and 11 businesses hit by floodwaters with the damage bill topping $20 million," he said.

"The new levee will include storm water drainage that will save an estimated 61 homes and 8 businesses and protect council's sewerage infrastructure."

Mr Crisafulli said more than 40 councils would spend almost $52 million from the Disaster Mitigation and Resilience Funding program this year on more than 80 projects.

He said projects include new levees and temporary flood barriers, road-raising, major drainage and stormwater upgrades, improvements to evacuation routes and the installation of rainfall and river height warning systems.

"Queenslanders have been pushed to the brink in the past few years and we are doing everything we can to not only protect them but make them stronger," he said.

"The works will also provide a much-needed financial boost to communities through jobs and lower insurance premiums.

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