Hooning P-plate driver ruins family's funeral

MOURNERS were outraged when the funeral procession of a 95-year-old born-and-bred Chinchilla woman was interrupted by a P-plater hoon on Monday.

As the procession pulled out of Glasson St onto the Warrego Hwy, a white Landcruiser ute cut through the line of cars, swerving over double-white lines near the KFC to overtake the vehicles travelling at 35kph.

Alyce Zerbst, who was in the procession, was outraged to see something so disrespectful tarnish the experience of her grandmother's final journey.

"I'm furious to see something so disrespectful," Miss Zerbst said.

"The hearse was clearly visible.

"It was dangerous and disrespectful."

Drivers in the procession were unable to get the registration plate of the red P-plater, making police prosecution difficult.

Senior Constable William Batten from Chinchilla police said people should provide specific details about road infractions.

"We could charge an individual with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle if something can be proven," he said.

Under Section 125 paragraph 3 of the Traffic Regulation 1962 Act, it is illegal for a driver to interfere with the progress of any funeral procession.

Swerving and crossing double white lines could also attract a $198 fine and drivers could lose three demerit points, Snr Const. Batten said.

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