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Distraught dad forced to relive toddler's drowning in court

A MAN who has suffered more heartache than any parent should ever be subjected to has had the band-aid ripped off a very fresh wound.

The 24-year-old defendant was taken into custody on Sunday after he technically breached a domestic violence order in which he is a respondent in.

The Gladstone Magistrates Court was told on January 14 the defendant showed up at a hospital with stab wounds.

Though police were alerted, they were unable to find him at the facility, prompting them to visit the home of the aggrieved.

Police prosecutor Acting Senior Constable Balan Selvadurai said police could hear adults yelling and a child crying from inside the home the defendant was prohibited from visiting.

When police knocked on the door the aggrieved told them the defendant wasn't home, however, a search of the home quickly confirmed otherwise.

The defendant was found in a bedroom at the back of the home and immediately admitted he and the aggrieved were arguing.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito told the court the two shared a long-term relationship but often still fought over the accidental drowning of their 19-month-old child last year.

He said his client had been contacted by the aggrieved at the hospital, who told him she couldn't get their other child, a 10-month-old, to sleep.

"He didn't think," Mr Pepito said.

The court was also told the defendant had previously tried to run the same aggrieved over, for which he served 12 months in prison.

While the court rehashed the details of his past and son's death, the defendant folded over, his head cradled in his arms as he cried from behind the glass.

Taking into account that the DVO breach was a technical one, the defendant was given one year's probation.

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