Distressing footage shows dog’s horror prison


A MAN who pushed his Siberian husky's head through a hole in a mesh cage, leaving the distressed dog's head trapped there, has been fined $2500.

Jonathan Tam Minh Hoang Vu, 27, of Coopers Plains pleaded guilty to inappropriate handling of his dog in Holland Park Magistrates Court on Friday.

On February 8, last year, Vu put his Siberian huskies, Simba and Harlow, in a 3x3m mesh enclosure, the court heard.

The dogs were yelping and in distress and one tried to get out by biting the mesh enclosure.

A concerned witness who knocked, but found no one was home, left a note about the distressed dogs.

The court was told on March 5, last year, Vu wrestled Simba onto the ground inside the wire mesh cage and forced the dog's head through a hole in the cage.

A witness told the RSPCA that Simba was yelping and in distress.

Vu then threaded the handle of a broomstick and the handle of a "poop scooper", through Simba's collar, in a cross behind the dog's head.

Simba's head was then trapped in place, so that he could not move and or pull his head back and the dog was yelping and distressed, the court heard.

Vu then growled at Simba and smacked his muzzle numerous times.

He then tried to close the cage by forcefully kicking the enclosure, causing Simba to yelp and flinch, as the door opening was beside his head, the court heard.

A recording of the incident was provided to the RSPCA.

A video shown in court showing the husky with its head forced through a mesh cage.
A video shown in court showing the husky with its head forced through a mesh cage.

On March 7, last year, RSPCA inspectors executed a warrant at the property and after talking to Vu's partner and seeing the enclosure, they seized both dogs.

Vu later told inspectors that Simba, aged one and a half, and Harlow, one, were destructive.

He said on numerous occasions he would arrive home from work to find a mess in the house and would put the dogs in the enclosure.

When he was shown the video, showing him forcing Simba's head through the hole in the cage, trapping it there, he said he had wanted to discipline the husky.

Vu said he was frustrated because Simba had broken the enclosure again and was halfway out and he lost his temper and yelled at him.

He said he shoved Simba in the enclosure and pulled his head through the gap,

then placed the broom stick and poo scooper through his collar, to prevent him from moving.

Vu said when he tried to shut the door of the enclosure but found the sticks were in the way, he kicked the enclosure out of frustration.

He admitted he yelled at Simba and smacked him a few times and left him there for about 10 minutes. He agreed that his behaviour was inappropriate.

Vu was fined $2500, including $1500 for the RSPCA, and ordered to pay costs of more than $653.

After submissions by barrister Chris Minnery, for the RSPCA, Vu was prohibited from owning animals, without RSPCA permission, for 12 months. No conviction was recorded.

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