'Diva' Jackie O blasted as 'black widow' by hairdresser

SYDNEY radio host Jacki O has been labelled the 'black widow of the TV stations' after confronting a Queensland hairdresser who trashed her in the press.

The KIIS FM host was shocked when she read a recent interview in the Courier Mail with a Brisbane-based hairdresser who was dishing the dirt on some of her famous clients.

"Everyone is lovely, except for Jackie O," Carole Haddad from the Corcorz Hair salon said in the story.

Jackie O and her co-host, Kyle Sandilands, called the hairdresser live on air on Monday morning to find out what the radio star did to upset her.

"A lot of people think Kyle is a diva but I believe it's you Jackie," the hairdresser said.

"I believe you're the quietest assassin there is in Australia."

Jackie O asked what had happened to make her so mad with her.

Ms Haddad said she had been holding a grudge since 2008 when she did hair and makeup behind the scenes of Big Brother, which at the time was hosted by Kyle and Jackie O.

"We were booked to come for every Sunday," Ms Haddad said.

"As a single mum and I care for my mother, I travelled all the way down to Dreamworld to do your hair. You didn't even turn up to hair and makeup. You did not even bother telling us not to come. You did your own hair and makeup."

Jackie O explained to Ms Haddad that she told the producers from the outset she was going to do her own hair and makeup.

But Ms Haddad said she was rude.

"You actually totally ignored hair and makeup," the hairdresser said, "Not to turn up to hair and makeup, I thought that was rude".

Jackie O didn't back down.

"Do you know how embarrassing it is for you in your profession to talk badly about people," the media star said.

"Do you know that's the biggest no no?"

"Do you know how unprofessional it is in your industry to treat hairdressers like peasants?" the hairdresser fired back.

Jackie O again apologised for the misunderstanding and asked Haddad, "But is that what warrants going and absolutely sh*t canning me in the paper?"

"Well no, not really," Haddad conceded.

"I just said diva and you are a diva. You're the black widow of the TV stations."

Jackie O let fly. "You're crazy.''

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