Does your loyal laundry need a makeover?

THE laundry is generally the least stylish room in the home, but also the most utilitarian space.

And while most of us get little joy from the time we spend there, if you think about it, that's all the more reason to ensure your laundry is comfortable and functional at the very least.

Above all else, your laundry needs to be practical.

It needs to contain all the right elements to allow you to do what you need to, and ideally designed so that there's ample room for you to work and move around when you need to.

The first step in designing a great laundry is to understand what needs to go into it.

Most laundries built into new houses these days need to accommodate a washing machine, dryer, an adequate laundry sink and enough storage space for linen and cleaning products.

Other options include a bench and a broom cupboard.

If your space is small, you may want to opt for a laundry cupboard, otherwise known as a European laundry.

But for most of us, the laundry is located near the back of the house and away from living areas, especially bedrooms, to reduce the noise from your washing machine.

The humble laundry does not have to devolve into a potential junk room.

If you don't have built-in storage, you can improvise with clever storage options, such as small cupboards or even bookshelves to house cleaning and related products.

Cast your eyes over your laundry and chances are there's room for improvement.

The market has recently picked up on an increased demand for attractive laundry decor pieces.

For a splash of design, choose a stylish laundry hamper, or a colourful ironing board cover.

It's now easier than ever to transform the most overlooked space in your home into both a utilitarian and attractive room.

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