Man blames magic mushrooms for bizarre washing machine dump

WASHING machines are used to remove faeces from clothes, not add it to them.

A Kawana resident would have had human waste dispersed all over her clothes if she hadn't checked her washing machine and found Matthew Cooke's faeces inside.

Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday heard how Cooke, 19, carefully placed his bottom over his neighbour's washing machine and defecated in the fabric softener dispenser.

The Rockhampton-Yeppoon man, 19, yesterday pleaded guilty to one charge of entering a dwelling with intent to commit an offence, one charge of committing an indecent act and two charges of wilful damage.

Cooke's lawyer Stephanie Nicholas told the court her client was drunk and had eaten magic mushrooms before the incident in September last year.

Police prosecutor Matthew Heelan said Cooke entered another neighbour's Hammond St property in Kawana, naked, turned off the power and then hid from the resident, who was inside the house at the time.

The court heard that Cooke also tried to enter the house using a ladder.

Mr Heelan said Cooke then ran from the house and entered a neighbouring property. It was at this house Cooke defecated in the washing machine.

He ran off after police were contacted.

A dog squad sniffed out Cooke and he was arrested.

Magistrate Barry Cosgrove told Cooke his act was disgusting and that using illicit drugs and alcohol was no excuse.

Mr Cosgrove sentenced Cooke to 18 months probation for his acts but his convictions were not recorded.

He was ordered to pay the washing machine's owner $599 in restitution.

Magic Mushroom effects

Typical doses cause a feeling of relaxation, heaviness, strange light phenomena, surfaces seem to ripple, shimmer, or breath and enhancement and contrasting colours.

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