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Dolly Parton thinks success can be "wearing"

DOLLY Parton admits it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the "physical and emotional" demands of her career.

The 68-year-old singer feels "blessed" to have achieved so much in her career, but admits she can't always "keep up" with the demands of her schedule.

She said: "I've dreamed myself into a corner, so I have to be responsible for all of the things I've dreamed and seen come true.

"I've been blessed that my dreams have come true. But there's a bit responsibility. It's wearing.

"Sometimes you just physically and emotionally can't hardly keep up. You can't say no exactly.

"It is how it is and even when you're sick you can't take the time to be sick, you have to plan around that. You have to manoeuvre."

However, the 'Jolene' hitmaker - who is married to Carl Dean - manages to switch off and step away completely when she isn't working.

She added in an interview with Uncut magazine: "My life is good. I've managed that really well. When I'm home, I'm really home.

"When I'm with my husband, I'm totally with him. We have our life. If I'm with good friends, if I get a sister night with my sisters, we plan it and we love it and we spend all that time just being us and doing what we do. We laugh, we cry, we do whatever.

"But we manage. It's like you have to, because this is what I do."

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