PHOTOS: Doris not a cow in distress, thanks for asking

Doris has caused a stir at property near Mutdapilly.
Doris has caused a stir at property near Mutdapilly.

A WATER Buffalo named Doris has caused a stir at a property near Ipswich.

Doris lives in a paddock visible from the road and after a drenching was frolicking an overflowing dam.

Passers-by frequently stopped, mistaking Doris's recreational swimming for that of a distressed cow caught in flood waters.

Owner Amanda Bolton is used to people stopping by to let her know there's a 'cow' in her dam, but on Thursday there were quite a few callers.

"We probably get, on average, one person stopping once a week," Amanda said. 

"On Thursday quite a few noticed Doris.

"She is a bit like a hippo and is known to go completely under the water or will venture into the middle of the dam and only her horns and ears are visible."

Amanda took to Facebook to describe her day on the 100 acre property at Coleyville - 20 minutes west of Ipswich - where 200mm of rain fell in 24-hours.

"For the third time today, I've had a car pull up at the house. For the third time today, I've had to traipse down in the wet to talk to the driver," Amanda wrote.

"For the third time today, I've had to explain at length that Doris is not a cow in distress, she's our pet water buffalo having the best day ever in the overflowing dam and the deluge of water that's currently falling on our region."

The post was made in good humour and Amanda said she wasn't upset people were stopping to check on Doris, rather that she was touched for their concern and offers of help.

Amanda admitted Doris is an unusual pet, but was also the best impulse buy she's ever made. 

"She's been hanging out in the mud today; eating, doing buffalo things," Amanda said. 

"She is the happiest little critter. She's never in a bad mood and she's a laid back easy going sort of animal."

Doris is 10-years-old and has been Amanda's pet for three years.

"A farmer was selling up and put a call out for anyone who wanted to take her," Amanda said. 

"She's the best impulse buy I've ever made."

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