MAN HIT: A pedestrian was stuck while crossing on Bradman Ave.
MAN HIT: A pedestrian was stuck while crossing on Bradman Ave. Patrick Woods

Driver powerless to stop crash

FAMILIES fishing in the Maroochy River and strolling along Bradman Ave were shocked to see a man hit by a car just after the Ken Neil Bridge on Sunday morning.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson said a 35-year-old man was taken to Nambour Hospital in a "conscious, altered state" with a head injury following the accident at 10.50am.

Although police are still investigating the circumstances of the accident, witness Ben Cooney said there was little the driver of the white Kia could have done to prevent colliding with the pedestrian.

"It was like (the pedestrian) had seen his friend across the street and just ran from the footpath across the road," Mr Cooney said.

"He didn't stop to look for a car, he just ran straight on to the road."

Mr Cooney and his partner saw the accident unfold as they prepared to take their dog for a swim at a park under the bridge.

"When we first saw him lying on the ground, I thought he was dead," he said,

"He had his eyes open, but they found a pulse and said he was just knocked out."

The impact of the accident had cracked the top right hand side of windscreen of the Kia and dislodged the front bumper.

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