UPDATE Monday 1pm: A 25-year-old Sunshine Coast man who was impaled by a metal picket had to make his own 000 call just north of Gympie.

Ambulance officer in Charge Wayne Sachs said today the man was alone in the car when it veered off a residential road at Curra and over a star picket on Saturday night at about 8.40pm.

The star picket went through the floor and driver's seat of the vehicle, then through the unlucky driver's left buttock and out through his left hip, missing his vital organs but leaving him pinned and in excruciating pain.    

"He'd hit that and somehow it had flipped up underneath the floor of his car and gone through the seat he was sitting on and impaled him into the seat," Mr Sachs said.  

"It's gone up through his groin and into his abdomen.  

"It apparently missed all his vital organs, luckily for him."  


According to Mr Sachs, the man had continued to drive "a couple hundred yards" after being speared.  

"He's driven a short distance with that in him.   

"It would have been just absolutely excruciating for him.   

"When we arrived he was in extreme distress."  

It is believed the man called 000 from his car, as the spear had left him trapped inside it.  

Emergency services had to remove the side of the car, cut the picket off at the floor and then remove the seat with the man on it before he could be placed on to a spinal board.  

He was placed in an induced coma before being airlifted to the Royal Brisbane Hospital.  

It took 90 minutes to free him, a task Dr Mulkeen, the critical care doctor on the RACQ LifeFlight crew which attended the accident, said was fraught with risk.  

"Obviously it's quite a delicate situation, the patient was critical at that point," Dr Mulkeen said.  

"The danger was any unnecessary movements dislodging the pole essentially and the risk of exsanguination (severe blood loss) at the scene."  

Praising the other emergency services, Dr Mulkeen humbly said it was the sort of job they "were trained to do" and said it was a rare case.  

Mr Sachs said he had encountered one or two similar ones in his career.  

"I remember going out to a guy who had a bridge railing through him... just under his ribs, through his abdomen," he said.  

"It seemed to have pushed all of his vital organs aside and he survived.

"It's all about the luck of the draw isn't it?  

"I mean it can happen to you and you can survive, or it can happen to you and you won't."  

The Royal Brisbane Hospital said the man was in a stable condition.  

EARLIER Sunday: A MAN received serious injuries after he was left trapped in his car after being "impaled by a pole" in a single vehicle crash at Curra on Saturday night. 

The male driver, in his mid twenties, had been driving along a rural road when his vehicle left the road and drove over a pole which flicked up and punctured the floor of the car.

The pole "penetrated the seat as well as the driver", according to RACQ Lifeflight Rescue, which was dispatched the airlift the man.

The metal picket broke through the car and
The metal picket broke through the car and "penetrated" the driver. RACQ LifeFlight Rescue


The driver continued for about another 150 metres before stopping.

The man went through a fence at the corner of Kintyre Ct and Gleneagles Dr at about 8.40pm.  

It took over an hour and half for the patient to be released and for the pole to be suitably reduced from the patient before he was airlifted to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said emergency responders had to remove the side of the vehicle and his seat to free the man before he was airlifted.

A man was trapped in his car after he was impaled by a pole after his vehicle left the road
A man was trapped in his car after he was impaled by a pole after his vehicle left the road RACQ LifeFlight Rescue
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