There are rules that need to be followed when in parking areas.
There are rules that need to be followed when in parking areas. Contributed

OPINION: Driving is now far too draining

I REALLY don't know how truck drivers do it.

There was a time in my life when I was one of those people who loved driving.

Long-haul trips to see my sister in Mount Isa or visiting my folks in Tully didn't seem to bother me.

I actually used to look forward to it.

But now, even the thought of sitting in the car for seven hours straight makes me want to weigh up if the journey is even worth it.

I have learnt driving trips any longer than three hours is when I start fidgeting in my seat and counting down the minutes.

At night I get panicked that I am getting fatigued so I over indulge in sugar-free Red Bulls and coffees from McDonald's.

When I feel this isn't working I start to make frequent stops for lollies or an ice cream and start blasting an old CD of the Foo Fighters.

On these occasions I am usually so pumped up by the time I get to my destination that I struggle to get any sleep.

The next day I wake up blurry eyed and slightly cranky, symptoms probably caused by a sugar or caffeine hangover.

Although some readers might sympathise with my complaints of long journeys not being fun any more, I bet a few are reading this thinking "what a big sook!"

Truck drivers, people who live in remote areas and drive-in-drive-out miners all take long journeys in their stride.

I never hear them whinging. Maybe I have become so spoilt with my freedom that being forced to sit still for several hours just seems like torture now.

Either way, complaining probably won't help. There is no airport in my home town and flying to Mount Isa is as expensive as getting to Sydney during the grand final.

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