Drone to record construction of new military memorial

PEOPLE around the world will soon be able to have a peek at the construction of one of Maryborough's wonders.

Innovation, Aviation and Communication Portfolio Councillor Paul Truscott said Fraser Coast Regional Council's first time-lapse video captured from a drone would soon be posted on Facebook, offering a birds-eye view of the Gallipoli to Armistice Memorial construction in Queen's Park.

"As part of Council's vision for innovation and the development of a Drone Strategy, we have commissioned local drone company Osprey Imagery to capture footage regularly during construction," Cr Truscott said.

"Osprey Imagery is owned by two defence force veterans who have settled in Burrum Heads.

"Each fortnight they will provide a 30-second to one-minute video of the project, which we will share on our Facebook page and can be viewed on our YouTube channel."

Construction of the memorial began on January 30.

Recognising the potential of drones, the council is developing a drone strategy to encourage growth of the sector locally to deliver long-term economic and community benefits.

The memorial has been designed to flow around the statue of Duncan Chapman, the Maryborough man who was the first Anzac ashore at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915.

A community campaign raised funds for the statue, unveiled in 2015 to mark the centenary of the landing.

Fraser Coast Council is matching the Australian Government's $900,000 grant for the second stage of the memorial under the National Stronger Regions Fund.

A Queensland Government grant of $1 million allows the project to be completed with interpretative works providing a unique story trail. Maryborough companies are also sponsoring the project with in-kind works.

Stage 2, including the multi-layered interpretive works, is due to be completed by June 30.

The Queen's Park project will be the catalyst for the greater regional military trail that will focus on Australia's military heritage from the 1800s through to Afghanistan

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