Drought. Cow stuck in dam. Photo Contributed
Drought. Cow stuck in dam. Photo Contributed Contributed

Cow gets stuck in the mud

DROUGHT impact took on a whole new meaning at Mooloo property when a cow buried itself to its ribs in the muddy bottom of a drying dam.

The beast was believed to have been stranded about a day before Samina Khan, 25, came across it while running sheep at her father's 133ha property.

She said things usually go wrong at her dad's place when he's not around to help, and Thursday's cattle drama was no different.

With no more than one dam having ever been dry on their property before, it was the first time Miss Khan had even seen cattle get themselves into quite so much trouble.

She said recent and harsh dry weather was taking its toll on the property, as it was on many in the area.

After a phone call to her father, it was decided the only thing that could help move the beast would be to tow it out behind a tractor and with the cow already stuck up to her stomach, the only way out to chain the strandard cow around its neck.

Though she admitted she was worried about doing it, Miss Khan was able to chain the beast and tow her out fairly quickly.

"I got a bit teary actually," she said.

"She was proper stuck.

"When you see an animal that's suffering you've got to do something."

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