Drug trafficker who made no money from it gets four years

A DARLING Downs man, who at one stage was peddling methamphetamines in the Toowoomba hospital carpark, has been jailed for four years.

Tony Daniel Schneider, 26, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesdayfor offences committed between July, 2010 and June, 2011.

He was due to be sentenced on the charges in May last year but failed to turn up at court.

He was subsequently arrested four months later.

Crown Prosecutor Chris Cook told the court while on bail for the drug trafficking offences Schneider committed a further five drug related offences in St George, Dalby, Mitchell and Toowoomba.

He said Schneider had a further 63 outstanding charges before various magistrates courts across south-east Queensland.

"Police became aware of a drug trafficking operation in Toowoomba concerning another man in March 2010," he said.

"They set up surveillance on the man and his house and it was then they became aware of Schneider's involvement in July, 2010.

"The two of them trafficked in various quantities of drugs at a retail and street level across vast parts of the Darling Downs."

Mr Cook told the court over a four-month period his mother Sharon Talbot was also involved in the drug trafficking operation.

She was subsequently convicted and sentenced to four years in jail, but was released after serving 14 months.

Defence barrister Damian Walsh told the court Schneider was involved in low-level trafficking over a 10-month period.

"It was not a very sophisticated operation. He was only selling the methamphetamines and oxycodone to feed his own drug habit," he said.

"He certainly did not make any wealth out of it."

Justice Glenn Martin said he took into account various aspects of his criminal history including committing further drug related crimes while on bail for the initial drug trafficking offences and his failure to show up for initial sentencing last year.

He sentenced Schneider to four years and six months jail and set a parole eligibility date of June 12, 2015.

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