Drugs and court order not wise mix

MANY people would accept that possession of drugs and a probation order make for a poor mix. So when Scott Dale McMillan was caught with a water pipe and a clip-seal bag containing cannabis, the story was never going to end well.

Emerald Magistrate's Court heard police discovered the drugs and drug paraphernalia during a search of a White St property at Emerald on May 7.

Probation and parole officer Megan Bahnisch said this was the third set of offences incurred by McMillan since his original order was issued in August last year, with his recent reporting "hit and miss" at best.

"He's not taking the opportunities available to him," Ms Bahnisch said.

"He does not seem to comply with any community-based order unless the threat of jail is overhanging him."

McMillan offered a number of excuses for his non-attendance, including illness, work and transport problems. But even solicitor Anne Murray was lost as to why McMillan, 20, could not fulfil his legal obligations.

"I don't think males grow a brain until they're 40," Mrs Murray said.

"He has made full admissions to police and the amount of drugs would only have amounted to personal use."

Magistrate Cameron Press said there was no justification for his failing to report.

"These probation appointments come first," Mr Press said.

"Being stuck out somewhere is no excuse. They come above everything else. You will run the risk of being sent to jail if you continue to reoffend."

McMillan was found guilty of possessing dangerous drugs and pipes or utensils that had been used, and breaching a probation order.

He was fined $1200 for the offences and had his probation order extended by six months.

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