Drunk mum directs traffic

A DRUNK mother was driving her five children home when she ran out of fuel on the Ipswich Motorway and began directing traffic, an Ipswich court was told.

It was midnight when police were called to a traffic hazard on the Ipswich Mwy on November 16 to find Melanie Rebecca Elizabeth Ruska, 34, next to a white Toyota.

The car was blocking a lane so Ruska was directing the traffic.

Police noted she was extremely unsteady on her feet, smelt of liquor and had bloodshot eyes as she approached them, also with five children in the car.

Ruska was breath tested and blew over, so was asked to do a secondary test, which she refused and was charged with failing to supply a breath specimen.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard this meant Ruska would be punished on the basis she could have been under the influence of alcohol with a high range, which is 0.15 or more.

Ruska pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen of breath and unlicensed driving.

The court heard she had a previous conviction for failing to supply.

She was fined $1000 and disqualified from driving for 13 months.

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