Drunken mother's car trip to school

AN AVONDALE mum has been charged after she allegedly drove to pick her children up from school while almost five times the legal blood alcohol limit.

South Kolan Police Sergeant Peter Clarke said the woman was stopped in her red Holden Commodore pulling into Avondale State School about 3pm on Tuesday.

"She was going to pick her kids up from school," he said.

Sgt Clarke said the 39-year-old woman admitted she had been drinking at home before she returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.239%.

"The only reason she said she drove was because her husband was too drunk to drive," he said.

"That just makes it disgraceful in my eyes."

The incident comes only two days after a 47-year-old South Kolan mum blew 0.174%, after she was caught driving home drunk with her two children in the back seat after a trip to the pub on Sunday.

"People have just got to think before they drive - drink-driving is just stupid," he said.

"Under the influence, your ability to control a vehicle and concentrate properly is greatly reduced.

"Reaction times are also greatly reduced."

Sgt Clarke said Tuesday's patrol of the school was not part of a designated operation, but that his team of officers regularly targeted schools in the South Kolan district.

Bundaberg Police Inspector Kev Guteridge said people who chose "to run the gauntlet" and drink and drive, showed a "sheer contempt" for the rest of the community.

"What people continue to refuse to accept is that they are primarily responsible for road safety," he said.

Insp Guteridge said he questioned the thought process of anyone who chose to drink and drive.

"It would appear to be an attitude in smaller communities that there may be a decreased risk of apprehension," he said.

"I reinforce to those people that that is not the case."

Both women are due to appear in Bundaberg Magistrates Court next month.

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