Sister told killer "I don't want anything to do with it"

DULCIE Birt's killer called his sister from his Gatton jail three days before she was due to appear at the coronial inquest into Ms Birt's death even though he last saw and spoke to her more than four years before.

Vicky Hopper told Queensland State Coroner John Lock that she was glad her brother Alwyn Gwilliams, 44, called because he may need someone to talk to but she had been out at the time so did not actually speak to him.

Mr Williams was last year sentenced to 10 years in jail after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of Ms Birt, alleging he had killed her in a drunken 4WD accident, panicked and disposed of her body.

The Ipswich mother-of-three was last seen on October 21, 2009 and despite extensive police searches both in the bushland surrounding her home and at Jacobs Well where Mr Gwilliams says he dumped her body, Ms Birt has never been found.

It was at Miss Hopper's home in Goodna that police seized the dark green ute which was involved in the alleged accident. Mr Gwilliams had taken the vehicle there three days after Ms Birt's disappearance and made plans with Miss Hopper's partner at the time, Chris Fulton, to burn the vehicle should he telephone with the go ahead.

Miss Hopper, a long-time friend of Ms Birt's, said her brother seemed agitated when he arrived, he was scruffy and his clothes looked like he had just returned from being out in the bush.

"Ally said that something had happened to Darcy and told me about the accident," Miss Hopper said. "At first it was a shock to me and I thought it was weird that he had come straight to my house instead of going to the police.

"He said the police wouldn't believe him because of his history. I got hysterical and started crying. I didn't want that ute in my garage, I didn't want to have anything to do with it.

"In the end I knew he was trying to hide it. I am pretty much the good one in my family, so nobody would be looking for the ute at my house. He was basically just using me."

Miss Hopper said although she believed her brother at the time that Ms Birt was killed in an accident she was suspicious when she bought a green Holden Commodore from him a few days after the ute was seized, and found the carpet in the boot was missing.

"The carpet was cut out, it was a fresh cut and I thought someone was trying to hide something," she said. "I thought it could be like in the movies when you see people rolled up in a carpet and dumped. Two days later the police came for it.

"I felt he was keeping something from me. He is in jail for a reason. I have my doubts about what happened but I am happy to go along with what he said."

The inquest continues.

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