This green iguana is settling in at Darling Downs Zoo.
This green iguana is settling in at Darling Downs Zoo. Supplied

Dumped iguana rehoused at zoo

AN unwanted South American reptile has found a new home in a move that has thrilled its Darling Downs keepers.

The as-yet-unnamed green iguana arrived at Darling Downs Zoo a fortnight ago and has quickly asserted himself as the dominant male among a group of iguanas including one other male and three females.

Darling Downs Zoo owner Steve Robinson said the lizard had been dumped in a carry case outside a Sydney vet clinic earlier this year.

“Normally, exotic animals which are dumped like this are euthanised by the government,” Mr Robinson said.

However a Wildlife Rescue Service reptile team leader, who been given the animal by the vet, put in a major effort to find the impressive iguana a new home.

The New South Wales State Government gave the reptile expert a week for the search which led him to Darling Downs Zoo.

“We are licensed to have five (iguanas) and we only had four.

“We needed a dominant male to lead the others.

“The government agreed he didn't have to be euthanised.”

Mr Robinson said the iguana was the sixth dumped exotic reptile the expert had come across but the first one he had been able to save from being euthanised.

“We are happy as Larry.”

“The paperwork took about a month but it all worked out.”

He said he would try to get the new male to breed with the females.

“He's a very dominant animal.

“He's the boss.”

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