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Durex takes to twitter to launch eggplant-flavoured condoms

IF you were looking for a truly out-there way to add some flavour to the bedroom, Durex has you covered. 

On top of their orange, chocolate, and kiwi flavoured condoms, the manufacturer has slipped a new one onto social media - eggplant flavour, reports the Daily Mail

Tweeting an image of the new box they wrote: "#BreakingNews: We're launching an exciting new savoury #Condom range - Eggplant flavour!"

While the announcement on Twitter was a joke, plenty were fooled before the cheeky company came clean, revealing the announcement was part of a campaign promoting safer sex. 

The joke came from the aubergine emoji which is often used as an innuendo for male genitalia on social media.

The announcement came in response to Unicode rejecting Durex's appeal for a safe sex emoji.

Durex was originally behind the @CondomEmoji campaign launched ahead of World AIDS day in 2015.

The stunt was created in response to the fact that the company's appeal for a safe sex emoji was rejected by Unicode.

Volker Sydow, Global Director Durex, said: "The idea of an Eggplant condom coming from Durex is pretty absurd," Global Director Durex, Volker Sydow said.

"But it is not as absurd as the fact that there is no emoji that enables young people to discuss safe sex easily in this language.

"We want to thank all the supporters of the condom emoji and assure everyone that we will continue to champion communication about safe sex in all forms".

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