The man is serving time for a crime he was sentenced over earlier this year
The man is serving time for a crime he was sentenced over earlier this year Chris Ison ROK290616cfire3

Violent DV menace threatens to cause 'blood pool'

A WARWICK man has been jailed for terrorising his pregnant partner for a string of domestic violence attacks, in which he threatened to end with a pool of blood.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard the man threatened his partner with a kinfe, damaged her car, pushed his fingers into her back and told her he as going to cause a "blood pool" and end up in jail.

The offences were carried out over a five-day period, depite the man being subject to a domestic violence order and prohibited from contacting her.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in court via video link from jail, where he is serving out a sentence for unrelated offences.

Three days after a court issued a domestic violence order against him, the 20-year-old attended the same party as his pregnant girlfriend and became abusive toward her.

The court heard he assaulted her and demanded she drive him to Beenleigh so he could get drugs, telling her, "if I don't have my pills and cones, I'm going to flip it".

When the woman refused and offered to drive him to a Warwick address, he damaged her car and pulled out a pocket knife and threatened her.

The court heard he flipped the blade opened and closed, telling her, "there's going to be a blood pool and I'm going to end up in jail if you don't take me f****** now".

The next morning, the woman found the man's knife under his pillow and they argued, with him again threatening her.

The court heard he said, "I'm going to break in and take all your f****** s*** to Cash Converters".

She threatened to call police and he shouted ,"I don't give a f***... because when I get out of jail you better be hiding you f****** s***."

Solicitior Geoff Hobson attempted to shift some of the blame of the offending back onto the woman but Magistrate Anne Thacker was quick to rebuke his claims.

"They were technical breaches where, to some extent, she contributed to the breaches," Mr Hobson said.

"I completely reject that," Magistrate Anne Thacker said.

Her Honour then spoke directly to the offender.

"You knew exactly what you were supposed to be doing and not doing," she said.

"You're responsible for your own behaviour. You put yourself in jail."

The man was sentenced to six months jail to be served alongside his current jail term.

He is due to be released in April next year.

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