DVD man: Chris Hill from Civic Video south Tweed Heads.
DVD man: Chris Hill from Civic Video south Tweed Heads. Scott Powick

DVDs still a buzz after 15 years

SEPTEMBER 1 marked the 15th anniversary of the entertainment phenomenon known as the DVD.

The first DVDs were released in 1995 and changed the face of home entertainment quality.

Owner of Civic Video in Tweed Heads South Chris Hill is a self-confessed movie-lover and DVD fan.

“I have always loved to watch movies, and a great part of my job is suggesting DVDs for people to watch.” Mr Hill said.

“There is always a mixture when it comes to the movies people come in and ask for. Older generations ask for comedies and dramas while younger generations ask for action


Mr Hill said the introduction of the DVD 15 years ago had a signifi- cant impact on home entertainment.

“DVDs have definitely changed the way we watch movies,” Mr Hill said. “But Blue-Rays are becoming very popular.”

Rhonda Dank from Video Ezy in Tweed Heads said the invention of the DVD box set has changed the way people watch their favourite TV shows.

“ DVDs have most definitely changed the way people watch TV shows. We have people asking for them all the time because they can watch the whole season in one go instead of week-by-week, and there are no commercials,” Ms Dank said.

“Having DVDs means we have better clarity of pictures and sound.”

Ms Dank said she remembers when DVDs were first released.

“When they first came out it was very bizarre. I remember people talking about them and wondering how they would work,” Ms Dank said.

“It was a little bit like when CDs were released; it is strange at first but then they just become part of our everyday lives.”

DVD was originally the initials for Digital Video Disc, but some members of the DVD Forum believed it should stand for Digital Versatile Disc.

The DVD Forum never reached a consensus so the official name of the format is simply DVD.

The basis for the DVD sprung from the release of the compact disc in 1985, and from there entertainment companies saw the potential for increased storage space on an entity that could replace VHS.

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