Paul Young.
Paul Young.

Easter story of hope on offer

EMERALD Churches Together chairman and Baptist pastor Paul Young has a special message for the people of the Central Highlands this Easter.

“Easter is the old story of life from death – hope resurrecting from desperate and disastrous situations,” Paul said.

“We all need this message, a sense that when things have turned bad, and life comes at us from all sides beyond our ability to cope, there is still good to come.

“There is a way out, a way forward, truth will win out for us, life will still flourish.

“When there is so much heartache and frustration still experienced in the wake of the flood, the way ahead, truth and life for many seems mired in the mud.

“For this reason we need to look to the Easter message. But Easter is not simply to do with the triumph of the human spirit, it is God reaching down into human history to split it apart to give us his way, his truth, his life and to offer his goodness.

“We are so easily mistaken into thinking that the good life depends on the size of the pile of things we have collected – but in doing so we ignore the most important component of our lives, the spiritual and eternal.

“Earthly existence is simply a prelude to a dimension beyond comprehension that will either be life in its fullness and goodness or the opposite in the extreme.

“The way ahead and the truth which will win out for us is only found in the Easter story, that will be portrayed this Good Friday in mime and song at the botanic gardens.

“It is found in a person, God’s own son Jesus, who came to be the way, the truth and the life. He is God’s entry into human history, not just 2000 years ago, but for each one of us personally.”

The churches of Emerald will combine for a Good Friday service in the Bush Chapel at the Botanic Gardens, starting 5pm.

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