The R-rated film, Trade, will screen as a part of this year’s Easterfest City program. The film depicts the plight of children forced to be sex slaves.
The R-rated film, Trade, will screen as a part of this year’s Easterfest City program. The film depicts the plight of children forced to be sex slaves. SUPPLIED

Easterfest to show R-rated movie

AN R-rated film with violent, sexual content will be screened as part of this year’s Easterfest festival.

The Christian-themed festival kicks off on Thursday with the program featuring two screenings of the controversial film Trade at The Strand cinemas.

The 2007 German film depicts the plight of child sex slaves and stars Hollywood actor Kevin Kline.

It has been rated by the Australian Government’s classification board for restricted audiences over the age of 18 years because of its violent, sexual content.

The Motion Picture Association of America rated the movie “R” because of its “disturbing sexual material involving minors, violence including a rape, language and some drug content”.

The website, Catholic Online, in a review of the film, said it contained an extremely high quotient of rough and crude language and profanity, a brutal rape involving a minor, brief rear nudity, strong sexual content including implied situations with minors, brutal violence, a vigilante killing, pedophilia, drug use and suicide.

The review, however, said that though the very rough language and sexual content (little actual nudity) quotas were high, their inclusion was arguably justified in suggesting the horrors these girls must endure and shedding light on the under-publicised issue of human trafficking.

“Still, these elements may limit its appeal to a wide Catholic audience who could be turned off by the seedy elements,” it said.

Easterfest chief executive officer Isaac Moody said that while Trade might be difficult to watch, it was important more people were made aware of the issues surrounding human trafficking.

“It is a justice-themed movie; people are doing it tough around the world,” Mr Moody said.

“The truth is that what happens around the world is confronting.

“I would recommend (this film to) adults who are keen to make a difference.

“Children suffer and the abuse occurs. It is not something we can turn our backs on; it demands a response.

“The first step to making a difference is to be aware of the atrocities in the world.”

Trade tells the fictional story of 13-year-old Adriana from Mexico City whose kidnapping by sex traffickers sets in motion a desperate mission by her 17-year-old brother, Jorge, to save her.

Mr Moody said he did not expect Christian audiences to be affronted by the content of the film.

“The advertising is clear and specific,” he said.

The Easter-themed festival takes over Queens Park this weekend with a variety of international and local music acts taking to the stage.

This year the festival will also include a program of events being staged in the central business district called Easterfest City.

The program includes a film festival at The Strand cinemas.

Easterfest City co-ordinator Josh Townsend said the film festival also included the screening of Call and Response. The M-rated film looks at the music industry’s response to human trafficking.

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