Rae Wilson (left) and Kirsty Culver in Trinidad in Cuba.
Rae Wilson (left) and Kirsty Culver in Trinidad in Cuba. Rae Wilson

Eight things we would not have said backpacking a decade ago

CHUCKING on a backpack and heading on an adventure used to be so much easier.

My amiga and I are a few years, well, edging closer to two years, from the big 4-0.

Which, you might say, isn't old at all. And I hear you.

But we have honestly been making a list joking about all the things that are harder than on the other backpacking trips we've done.

It could be that we've romanticised those other trips with age - it happens.

But I thought you might find it amusing to hear some of the things that have come out of our mouths in just a few short days since we started travelling together again.

Some you might think are just sage travelling advice - others, well, reveal our age.

I'll leave it to you to imagine which ones came from me and which ones from my amiga.

1 - I'm going to have to put a rinse through my hair as my greys are starting to show ... No greys to worry about a decade ago.

2 - I was getting up from the toilet when my back cricked and I thought I wasn't going to be able to stand up straight again ... Honestly!

3 - On returning from a six-hour tour "shall we just have a little nap before we explore the city?". "Yes, let's"... Nanna naps are important.

4 - About 35 minutes into the first episode back of season four of House of Cards on Netflix ... "I'm tired". "Me too, let's finish it another day" ... Not even a full episode.

5 - We better go to the toilet before we go because who knows when one will next be available ... Hello mum!

6 - My (insert body part) is sore, can we get a massage? ... The frequency even surprised us.

7 - Don't worry if my face looks like it's peeling in the morning, it's just this night-time face mask I put on now that seals in the other products. It washes off ... as if we would have brought special face products while travelling a decade ago.

8 - Do you want some Ibuprofen for your neck? Sure - do you want some Mylanta for your heartburn? Thanks - let's swap drugs. Oh dear!

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