Elle Macpherson.
Elle Macpherson. Bang ShowBiz

Elle a model for snacking

ELLE Macpherson eats too much.

The 47-year-old supermodel - who has sons Arpad, 12, and Aurelius, seven, with ex-fiance Arpad Busson - admits she has to exercise a lot in order to stay in shape because she loves food.

She said: "I enjoy eating too much to give up on my favourite foods. I'm naturally the curvy type and I'm more concerned with feeling fit and healthy than looking super slim.

"My worst habit is eating too much - I eat like it's going out of fashion really.

"But I stay active with things like water skiing and horse riding and I guess that keeps the weight off."

The blonde beauty creates a weekly menu for her family but can't resist snacking on their leftovers.

She added: "I tend to snack on whatever me and the boys have left over from our regular weekly menu.

"So that'll be a bit of chicken from Wednesday night's dinner, steak from Thursday night, fish from Friday, and so on."

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