BCPG debate hits top note

TOMORROW is the day the Blackwater Community Progress Group has been waiting for – the chance to tell the State Government exactly what is wrong with the Urban Land Development Authority’s plan for the town.

Deputy Premier Paul Lucas, the Queensland Director General, ULDA representatives and mining communities advocates will meet to discuss plans for Blackwater.

But it won’t be just the ULDA’s plan for the town they’ll be debating, but another proposed development from Siesta Village, which last week held an information session discussing plans for a new caravan park. And while the BCPG agrees Blackwater needs a caravan park, it says the Siesta Village plan does not meet those requirements.

“We need a caravan park to attract more tourism dollars...” BCPG chair Kev Cracknell said.

Siesta Village developers have submitted plans to the Central Highlands Regional Council, and if approved, will build just 20 caravan sites.

More than 420 cabins will be single rooms, primarily to be used by non-resident workers, Mr Cracknell said.

The developers were unavailable to provide comment to the Blackwater Herald last week and yesterday.

CHRC Deputy Mayor Paul Bell said the application was still in the planning stage.

“The council is just waiting for the outcome of the planning officer’s evaluation of the proposal,” he confirmed yesterday.

“It’s quite a significant application.”

If passed, the vacant lot at the northern end of Mackenzie St adjacent to the BMX track will become the Siesta Village Caravan and Cabin Park.

Deputy Premier Paul Lucas said he’d held a productive meeting with the Moranbah Action Group on March 18, which discussed the fly in fly out situation in both Blackwater and Moranbah.

“I made it very clear that the reason that the ULDA is in these communities in the first place was to grow and encourage supply of land for people to live and businesses to work,” he said.

“The ULDA doesn’t make decisions on whether mines are FIFO or not. That is something for the Co-ordinator General to determine.”

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