Level seven girls competing.
Level seven girls competing. Peita Ward

Emerald gymnasts selected to represent Queensland

EMERALD Gymnastics had two acrobatic groups selected over the weekend to represent Queensland at the upcoming Australian Gymnastics Championships.

To secure a place on the team, groups needed to have achieved a qualifying score at the State Team Trials held at the Sleeman Centre in Brisbane on Saturday, April 21.

Emerald Gymnastics level six group of Amelia Brant, Rieley Jones and Makayla Morgan placed fifth at the trials. Emerald Gymnastics' Sue Fehlhaber said these three girls had been named in the state team for the first time, "which is a tribute to them as they are only a new grouping for the 2018 season”.

Level seven women's group with Chiara Spiccia, Jade Morgan and Kayleigh Broadwith stood on the podium in second place to secure their place.

The Emerald acrobats will be part of the 38 member Queensland team to compete at the Australian Gymnastics Championships in early June at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne.

All three level seven girls have previously had the privilege of representing Queensland, making it Jade's second, Chiara's third and Kayleigh's fifth time on the state team.

Fehlhaber said all six girls were extremely proud to represent their state.

"Both groups have worked extremely hard and deserve their place on the team,” she said.

"We wish them the best of luck for the Australian Championships.”

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