Jack and Dawn Livingstone celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary and recommend staying active.
Jack and Dawn Livingstone celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary and recommend staying active. Chris Ison

Proposal came in the mail

THESE days it's unheard of to receive a marriage proposal in the mail.

But that's just how Jack Livingston proposed to his wife Dawn, and last Friday they celebrated 65 years of marriage.

Originally from Rockhampton, Jack moved to Cloncurry for a bank job when he was only 17-years-old.

And it was there that he met his sweetheart Dawn.

When Jack signed up the couple kept in contact in the most romantic way possible - by writing letters.

And one day a proposal by snail-mail found Dawn buying an engagement ring with her friends after receiving money from Jack.

They were reunited at last and married in Cloncurry.

So what's the couple's secret to a happy marriage?

"Stay active. We just want to enjoy ourselves," Jack said.

"We've been around for a while and I'm hoping to stay around a bit longer."

Jack and Dawn have become prominent members in their community.

In 1990 Jack was given the Premier's Award during Seniors Week, and in 2006 was the Order of Australia, both for his community service.

In the past they would celebrate their anniversary with a trip to Daydream Island, a tradition they began in 1946.

"The last time we went back it was as guests of the island. They even had champagne for us," Jack said.

But now they are simply happy to be in each other's company.

But they have had their share of heartache.

Dawn spoke of their only daughter, Marilyn Anne, who died in 1997 after she discovered a melanoma in her little toe.

"She thought it was a blood blister, but when she went to the doctor it was too late," Dawn said.

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