Sara Cumming at the fashion shop Curvy Shack on Goondoon St, Gladstone.
Sara Cumming at the fashion shop Curvy Shack on Goondoon St, Gladstone. Brenda Strong

Enterprise in good shape

STARTING a successful business can be all about finding that untapped niche, that hole in the market that no other business has spotted.

That was what Sara Cumming aimed for when she opened Curvy Shack two weeks ago.

Ms Cumming describes Curvy Shack as a place that sells stylish clothing for bigger, curvier people. She started the business because of "the lack of nice clothes for bigger people" in Gladstone.

The store caters to men and women and Ms Cumming explains that while Gladstone seems to have stores selling clothes for bigger people that are either super expensive or downright dull, there is nothing in between.

That is the hole she intends to fill, catering for everyday clothes as well as clothes for "semi dressed-up" occasions.

"On top of that there will be a small collection of things that you can wear to the races and to weddings and occasions like that," she said.

"You can come into Curvy Shack and buy an outfit for under a hundred dollars."

Now that she has taken the plunge with her own store on Goondoon St, she is enjoying the challenge.

"It's still really daunting to tell you the truth," she said.

"I still have those feelings, like 'What if nobody wants my clothes? What happens if I'm not picking the right things?'"

Those mixed feelings are probably natural for anyone starting a small business, but after the first fortnight, it has been a case of so far, so good.

"A lot of people have said to me, it's so nice to be able to walk into a shop and know that I can get something that suits my body shape and it makes me look and feel good," Ms Cumming said.

"I honestly thought things would be a little bit slower (in the early stages) than they have been. I am actually doing better than I thought I would."

Check out the Curvy Shack Facebook page.

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