Mackay woman and escort Debby Suk Ching Lau was sentenced to 15 months in prison for possessing 20g of meth for personal use.
Mackay woman and escort Debby Suk Ching Lau was sentenced to 15 months in prison for possessing 20g of meth for personal use. Facebook

Mackay escort reveals all in Supreme Court meth sentence

A MACKAY escort who pleaded guilty to drug possession after a police raid uncovered more than 20g of meth in her home could walk free from prison in three months.

Debby Suk Ching Lau, 35, escaped the stiffer maximum penalty of 25 years for possessing a commercial quantity of dangerous drugs after the Supreme Court in Mackay ruled she was dependent on ice but not a drug dealer.

The court was told police found a total of 21.338g of methamphetamine in 5 clip seal bags and 3 containers, along with 2 electronic scales, 6 glass pipes and $1660 in cash during a raid on her house in September last year.

The case was heard by Justice David North in the Supreme Court last Friday to determine if Ms Lau was in possession of the drugs for personal or commercial use.

Ms Lau told the court, during questioning by defence barrister Bronwyn Hartigan, that she had begun taking ice after she separated from her husband five years ago and started working as an escort to support herself.

The court was told Ms Lau used between one to 1.5 g of ice a day to cope with the long taxing hours of her work.

Ms Lau said she was earning about $5000 a week servicing between 20 and 25 men in her South Mackay home.

A few of her clients were also her drug dealers and some of them paid for sexual favours with meth.

Asked by Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis why she had multiple smaller clip seal bags of meth, Ms Lau said she didn't dispose of sample bags given to her in case she ever ran out of drugs.

The largest clip seal bag contained 19.902g of meth.

Ms Lau told the court she paid between $6000 and $8000 for that bag and would normally buy an ounce [28g] or half ounce [14g] of meth at a time.

When asked by Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis how she could afford the large amount of meth, Ms Lau replied, "by f***king the customer" and "by sucking c**k".

Justice David North ruled Ms Lau was a drug dependent person in her "pains to keep a supply of drugs on hand".

"If her evidence is to be accepted, she would likely suffer mental or physical distress by denying her drugs," he said.

Ms Lau was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and will be eligible for parole from May 9.

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