Party eviction led to stabbing

TWO men who terrorised a group of revellers at a New Year's Eve Party where two men were stabbed faced Hervey Bay Magistrates Court yesterday.

Peter Lee Henderson pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful wounding and was jailed, while Russel Keith Baker was placed on probation after admitting to wilful damage and common assault.

The offences occurred after Baker and his brothers had been asked by the home owner to leave the party.

The court heard one of the brothers got into a physical altercation with the home owner and suffered a broken jaw and shattered cheekbone.

An enraged Baker hurled obscenities at the home owner, saying: "We are going to come back. We are bringing our uncles. You are f*****".

Baker later returned with two men, one armed with two knives and the other, Henderson, armed with a tomahawk.

In the ensuing confrontation the home owner and his brother received stab wounds.

While the man who carried out the stabbings is on the run in NSW, police alleged there was enough evidence to charge Henderson with wounding as he had attended with intent to harm those at the house, had waved the tomahawk around to cause fear and was party to the offence.

Baker's charges resulted from his smashing a parked car with a fence paling and the abuse of guests which amounted to common assault.

The court heard Henderson had lived a troubled life, fleeing an abusive home at an early age and struggling with mental health issues and history of violent offending.

Henderson's partner sobbed as Judge Marshall Irwin, who said there had to be a deterrent to Henderson, sentenced him to 18 months prison, eligible for parole in three months.

Baker, who completed a probation order just seven days before his offences, was ordered to serve a further 12 months probation and pay restitution for the damage to the car.

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