Facebook users start to deactivate their account due to fatigue and privacy concerns.
Facebook users start to deactivate their account due to fatigue and privacy concerns.

Facebook users press delete

FACEBOOK is facing a rapid decline in numbers as users start to ‘unplug’ themselves from the social networking site.

Fatigue, boredom and privacy concerns are blamed for the global exodus.

Local Gladstone resident Gillian Ashe said she deleted her Facebook profile over a year ago as she became bored with the site and the constant drama it caused.

"It just causes too much drama, just problems you don’t need in life," Ms Ashe said.

"I have considered getting Facebook back just for family but I decided against it – I really don’t even miss it."

Ms Ashe said she has never really been an active Facebook user.

"Even when I had Facebook I only really checked it briefly at night and usually just to look at the photos."

More then 100,000 people reportedly deactivated their account in the UK this May and another six million users were estimated as pulling out in the United States.

Australia was one of the first nations to jump on the Facebook bandwagon but with people deactivating their account in growing numbers it seems Australia will follow suit of the UK and US.

However, while Facebook starts to decline other social networking sites such as Google+ has attracted 25 million users in less then two months.

Even current Facebook users have showed their dislike for the site with an ‘I Hate Facebook’ page which has already attracted over 3000 likes.

Deleting you Facebook is simple and your profile can be reactivated at a later date if you change your mind.

Simply log into your account and go to your account settings in the top right hand corner of the page.

Under the ‘security’ side bar there will be a link to deactivate your account where you will need to enter your reason for deleting your profile.

Facebook will then remove your profile from other users but you can reactivate your account by logging into Facebook using your previous password and email on the homepage.

To learn more head to Facebook. 

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