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Gary Duffy David Nielsen

Facebook slurs could cost Duffy $376k: claim

IPSWICH City Council chief executive Jim Lindsay is the latest person to lodge a defamation claim against failed mayoral candidate Garry Norman Duffy.

It is the third defamation claim filed against Mr Duffy in the past four months.

Earlier this month, Dr Duffy started a gofundme campaign to raise funds to fight a defamation suit filed by Mayor Paul Pisasale.

Mr Lindsay is seeking $376,500 in damages over claims Mr Duffy defamed him on 23 separate occasions in social media posts between July, 2015 and May, 2016.

The allegations stem from two Facebook accounts Mr Duffy controls - 'TeamIpswich' and 'Shadow Ipswich Mayor.'

The Queensland Times chose not to contact Mr Lindsay or Mr Duffy for comment as the matter is now before the courts.

In a statement of claim, lodged this week in the Ipswich District Court, Mr Lindsay claims Mr Duffy's unsubstantiated allegations on social media had severely damaged his reputation.

Jim Lindsay
Jim Lindsay David Nielsen

The 16 page document, which the Queensland Times has obtained, also reveals Mr Lindsay gave Mr Duffy several chances to remove the defamatory comments from social media and the public domain before lodging the claim.

Mr Duffy failed to do so and allegedly continued to post defamatory statements about Mr Lindsay via his social media accounts.

Mr Lindsay claims Mr Duffy's social media posts implied he was corrupt, unqualified to hold his position, acted deceitfully, was involved in insider trading and misappropriated public money.

He further claims Mr Duffy implied he was involved in official corruption and aided and abetted elected officials to gain financial advantage through deception.

Mr Lindsay claims Mr Duffy's unsubstantiated social media posts and their republications had resulted in his character being brought into hatred, odium and contempt.

He says he has suffered hurt, embarrassment and may lose the opportunity for further career advancement outside of his position at council due to Mr Duffy's allegations.

Mr Lindsay says his hurt and distress had been aggravated further due to Mr Duffy's ongoing slurs and refusal to remove the defamatory publications, retract them or apologise for making the allegations.

Mr Lindsay is also seeking a court order directing Mr Duffy to remove all defamatory matter and a restraining order preventing him from publishing or re-publishing them.

The matter is due to be heard in the Ipswich District Court at a future date.

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