BEST PIES: Jye Minns, Georgina Covery and Robert Day from Fairbairn Pies, Emerald.
BEST PIES: Jye Minns, Georgina Covery and Robert Day from Fairbairn Pies, Emerald. Kristen Booth

Fairbairn wins best pie

PIE lovers have been known to travel the length and breadth of Queensland to enjoy a famed Fairbairn Bakery pie, and now the bakery's much-loved speciality has been awarded Triple M radio's Best Pie in the Central Highlands.

As voted for by the community after Triple M broadcast the challenge, Fairbairn Bakery "smashed” the competition from across the region, including Rockhampton.

Kelly and Chris Bunyoung have run the bakery for 14 years, and after being voted the radio station's pie winners, Mrs Bunyoung said she was "incredibly happy and very grateful for the community support and appreciation”.

She said their signature pie was the chunky beef option.

"It's slow cooked for four hours so the steak comes out really good. People love it,” she said.

"When my husband got the call to say we'd won, they said that we didn't just win, we actually smashed it, so that was really good!

"It is great to get this pat on the back. It's a very good feeling.”

She said the business - which includes one store in the Whitsundays and two in Emerald - prided itself on being community-minded and made an effort to sponsor local sporting clubs, churches and volunteer organisations.

"And now the community has rewarded us back.”

Mrs Bunyoung said Mr Bunyoung had been making the pies for 17 years, and "tweaked” an original recipe passed on to him when he took over the bakery 14 years ago.

"One guy said on our Facebook page that he travels up from Brisbane a couple of times a year to buy our pies,” she said.

"It's amazing to hear things like that. We are super stoked!”

She said the bakery made fresh pies, pastries, and bread seven days a week, and used only fresh ingredients in all food preparation and cooking.

"Everything is made by us. We use real potatoes in our pasties and all fresh ingredients - no tinned stuff. We use real tomatoes and real mushrooms.

"Nothing beats fresh.”

Mr Bunyoung is also the "uncontested meat pie champion” after winning a bakery competition held in North Queensland in 2015.

"He's still officially the meat pie champion.”

She said the Emerald stores employed 30 staff members including three apprentice bakers across both shops, including Georgie Convery, the shop supervisor, who has been working at the bakery since she was 19, and had now been serving Fairbairn pies for more than 30 years.

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