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Families ‘torn’ in maternity ward virus lockdown

Three-year-old Teddy Barnes has been unable to meet his newborn sister, Daisy, thanks to the far-reaching effects of coronavirus.

Mum Cassie Barnes-Young gave birth to baby Daisy at Calvary Hospital in North Adelaide on Wednesday morning.

But the hospital's new social distancing rules - which came into effect just hours before Daisy was born - mean she is only allowed one visitor, her husband Toby.

That means Teddy will have to wait five days until he can meet his baby sister or have a cuddle with his mum.


Ms Barnes-Young says she is torn between the "emotional and rational" over the rules, designed to limit the spread of coronavirus in hospitals.

"We're obviously upset, it is something we were very much looking forward to sharing with him," she says.

"The rational part of me understands it is the best thing to do to cut the chances of spreading the virus but in my heart I want to introduce my son to my new daughter. My head says it is right but my heart is broken."

Ms Barnes-Young, of Hazelwood Park, will have to stay in hospital for five days after the caesarean-section birth. It is the longest she has been separated from her son.

"My mother-in law is looking after Teddy so he is in good hands but we would love to have all the family in to see Daisy," she said.

"It would normally be a very happy time but these are extraordinary times and you do wonder about bringing a baby into the world at this time."



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Ms Barnes-Young, 36, who runs Be Young PR Marketing and Events, has just finished a whirlwind stint working at Mad March events.

Mr Barnes, 42, runs Total Care Chiropractic at Kilkenny.

A Calvary spokeswoman sent The Advertiser a poster - now on display in its hospitals nationwide - outlining the new protocols.

It says to slow the spread of COVID-19, general visiting is no longer permitted. It says the rules allow one nominated visitor for each patient.

Visitors are not allowed to enter if they have been overseas in the past 14 days, they are unwell or have a fever, a cough, a sore throat or shortness of breath.

"We encourage you to call your loved one via the switchboard or direct instead. Before entering the building, please use the hand hygiene station," the poster says.

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