The shed’s reinforced rollerdoor was no match for the wind.
The shed’s reinforced rollerdoor was no match for the wind.

Family counting the costs

ANKE Reykowski struggled to believe what she was seeing when parts of her Edgewood property disintegrated before her eyes.

The German-born Emerald resident said she had little warning when powerful winds struck at about 2pm on Sunday, ripping doors from hinges on her 18m x 20m metre shed.

"I was in the shed cleaning the fridge and I heard this loud bang," Anke said.

"One of our roller doors blew in and the other blew out.

"The fan blew around and hit the ceiling… all four blades are bent.

"We're fairly open out here at Edgewood but I didn't expect anything like this."

The wind gusts were so strong, a nearby power pole split and was sent crashing into an adjoining fence. Fortunately, the Reykowski's power supply was not affected.

However, much of the rest of the Emerald property was.

"The doors were already extra strength, we ordered them with thicker steel," Anke said.

"The wind blew the freezer door open and all the food flew out.

"The fan is still hanging and turning but looking very sad.

"It has torn all the washing as well.

"My partner's 22-year-old son was asleep in the house and he slept through the whole lot."

Already Anke estimates the damage bill to rise into the tens of thousands of dollars, and that's just the shed door alone.

But as luck would have it, the Reykowski's locally owned business specialises in shed doors and her insurance company has been more than happy to assist.

"Two rings yesterday and they picked up," she said.

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