NO TRACE: Warwick grandmother Gail Lynch was last seen in July 2012, her former partner has been charged with her murder.
NO TRACE: Warwick grandmother Gail Lynch was last seen in July 2012, her former partner has been charged with her murder. File

Family of Gail Lynch feels in dark over murder case

THE family of Gail Lynch feel they have been left in the dark when it comes to court proceedings about her alleged killer.

Ms Lynch has been missing since July 2012, and while she has yet to be found her former partner Ian Hannaford has been charged with her murder.

Mr Hannaford has appeared in Toowoomba and Warwick courts various times since he was charged.

However Ms Lynch's son Simon Hutchison, felt the family had not been adequately informed about upcoming court dates and proceedings involving his mum's disappearance.

On November 6 Mr Hutchison and his family travelled from their Morayfield home to Warwick Magistrates Court expecting to attend a committal hearing for Mr Hannaford.

He said the family arrived before the time the case was due before the court, yet they were told by a prosecutor that the matter had been rushed through earlier that morning and adjourned to a later date.

"The last few times we haven't been as it kept getting adjourned, but this time we were expecting something to happen," Mr Hutchison said.

"We went and saw the prosecutor and he told us it had already been read out. I just can't get over the lack of communication."

Mr Hutchison said he wasn't sure who was responsible for letting victims families know but he felt information should be more accessible.

"Communication is a big problem between police and families of victims," he said.

"They keep promising to let us know but we're always left out of the picture."

He felt since charges had been made, police communication had stalled with the family.

"I feel like now they have arrested their guy that's it, the communication stops."

A Department of Justice spokesman said as per the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009 a prosecuting agency is to, if asked by a victim, give the victim information about the crime committed against the victim including details about relevant court processes and when the victim may attend a relevant court proceeding, subject to any court order.

The matter is next due in Warwick Magistrates Court on Friday, December 20, for committal mention.

Mr Hannaford is not required to attend.

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