NEWCOMER: Family First candidate Di Hancock-Mills. cont
NEWCOMER: Family First candidate Di Hancock-Mills. cont

Family First highlights cost of living

THE battle for the federal seat for Flynn is a three-way tussle, with the emergence of Emerald real estate principal Di Hancock-Mills as a Family First candidate.

Mrs Hancock-Mills said she was a newcomer to politics, but felt that the policies of Family First were a good fit.

“I’m motivated by my concerns for the escalating cost of living and the lack of support for families and the elderly,” she said.

“My concern is mainly for this region because I live here, but it’s also for the electorate because everybody’s got to be in the same position as we are.

“They’ve all got to be feeling it, whether they live in the bush or the city.”

Married and a grandmother of one, Mrs Hancock-Mills has operated her Century 21 franchise for five years, and lived in Tieri for close to two decades.

She believes working in real estate has given her a ‘slice of life’ window into how tough families are doing it across the vast Flynn electorate.

“Most definitely,” she responded.

“Because we don’t just do real estate, I do finance as well.

“So we’ve got the ones who can’t get the finance to get a home, and those who got the finance and got caught in the credit crunch and got themselves into a financial situation.

“I can’t give you people’s names, but what we’ve done in a lot of instances is look into their situation and helped them out.

“I didn’t open my business to be here for five minutes, I opened to be around for quite a while.”

Mrs Hancock-Mills said she intended to start a meet and greet campaign in all corners of Flynn from next week; combined with television, radio and print advertising.

There will be functions at which the three candidates – Chris Trevor, Ken O’Dowd and Mrs Hancock-Mills – will participate in question and answer sessions.

“If I can get in I’m going to work my butt off,” she promised.

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