Mourners attend the funeral service for Brandon John Matthews at Boyne Island Crematorium.
Mourners attend the funeral service for Brandon John Matthews at Boyne Island Crematorium. Brett Mcwaters GLAFUNE

Family and friends remember Brandon

THE Boyne Island Crematorium was nowhere near big enough to hold the number of people whose lives were touched by Brandon Matthews.

The 18-year-old Gladstone man's life was cut short when he was stabbed to death in Ipswich on January 8.

His family, including his mother Paula, his father Stuie, brothers Owen, Matt and Jacob and fiancee Clara Phung Tieu Nguyen, along with many others in attendance, wore loosely fashioned ties in a style Brandon favoured.

Brandon's Valleys Diehards team mates donned their jerseys for the funeral as speakers remembered his love for the sport.

His other love, fishing, was represented with a fishing rod laid on top of his coffin.

His brother Owen spoke of the love he and Brandon shared for fishing and the memories of catching up with his little brother while they wet a line in the Boyne River.

Brandon was described as a fun-loving young man who saw the best in everybody.

"Brandon taught me to find the beauty in every person," Owen said.

Owen told those gathered a story of Brandon's actions during the Ipswich floods, which was indicative of his caring nature.

He said Brandon had called home to let the family know that he and his fiancee Clara were safe and also that he had been out rescuing chickens caught in floodwaters.

Owen said he gave his brother a lecture on safety in floodwaters, but Brandon replied it was too sad to leave the chickens in the water.

"That's the type of person he was," Owen said.

It was giving Brandon those lectures and receiving unexpected phone calls from his younger brother that Owen said he would miss the most, but he said he would especially miss being able to say "love you" to Brandon.

"Brandon is in a place more suited to his beautiful nature now," Owen said.

Brandon's younger brother Jacob, who was too upset to read his eulogy himself, recalled the fun times he had spent playing video games with his big brother.

Jacob's eulogy also said Brandon had always been there to protect him.

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